A 2 player VR/AR 3D pong-style game

A 2 player VR/AR game, using AR tracking you are immersed in a 3D environment with full control of your holoshield’s position and rotation. Use your shield to deflect the ball and protect your end of the corridor.

Get the marker here http://popupasylum.co.uk/vroom/vrommmarker.pdf

This game is purely about immersion and analogous control. When it launches you’re presented with 2 buttons, Host or Connect, HOST hosts a game that players can connect to, CONNECT connects to a hosted game. This game is more proof of concept than anything, and the connection method is pretty simple, when you connect you connect to the next most available game.

Once you’re connected the game starts immediately, you hold the marker in front of you (i.e in your cameras field of view) and the detected marker is your paddle for deflecting the ball.