As its name suggests, it’s a combat flight simulator game

Explore the landscape and destroy everything that moves.

Since the last update you can choose between the old demo flight scene and 2 new missions.
Please view the video tutorial for successful gameplay!

— Important
The game needs a lot of time to load. It can take 1-2 minutes to load. Be patient!
Earphones are recommended for a good in-game experience.
All game controllers should be run with keyboard mapping. Otherwise they won’t work.

This app is not made for tablets!


– Destructible airplanes
– Destructible trucks
– Controls can be customized
– View distance can be adjusted for better performance
– Video tutorial

You can choose between standard controls or custom controls. If your input should not work, or you don’t like it, adjust it yourself.

Manipulate view distance to get the best performance for your device.
The standard view distance should work on modern smartphones. If your game runs fluid, you can raise the distance for a better experience. Otherwise lower the view distance. Try to find the best setting for your device.
Tested on:
-HTC one X, standard view distance or higher
-Samsung Galaxy S2, low view distance

If you know nothing about to fly an airplane watch the video tutorial.