Ahoy! Take a ride ‘n shoot as many barrels as ye can, buccaneer.

The goal is simple mate. Knock the barrels off their docks by blastin’ em wit yer swivel gun….
….o, n’ did I mention you’ll be on a log ride?

To Aim Cannon:
– Use your Google Cardboard or any other mobile VR kits to look at barrels thru-out the track

To Fire Cannon:
– Pull the magnet on your Google Cardboard VR kit (Not all phones are compatible!)
– Or tap anywhere on the screen via finger or other conductive material

To exit the ride:
– Tilt your device into portrait mode

Wanna see more? (this is only a demo) Let [the developers] know in th’ comments! [The developers] ‘ave been lookin’ fer a good reason t’ make more tracks’n features (things to blow up)!

* Coming soon for Oculus Rift MAC / PC
** Game tested and developed with Google Nexus 4