Destroy evil robots in this arcade game

‘BLITERATE a mass of Evil Robots bent on your destruction!

Test your skills against the unstoppable horde as you attempt to get the high score.

New levels coming soon!

Intense VR arcade action with intuitive controls! Dodge enemies as the auto-turret defends your ship. Collect power-ups to boost your weapon’s destructive capabilities!

RoboBliteration was built from the ground up for VR to be comfortable and immersive. Works with Google Cardboard.

Game Features

★ Unique asteroid levels designed for maximum BLITERATION

★ Upgradeable weapons for ultimate DESTRUCTION

★ Simple look controls for pick-up-and-play action!

★ Stunning 3D graphics to immerse you in VR

★ Unique robot enemies that live only to destroy

★ Real-Time head orientation tracking that responds to your look direction