Photosphere showcase with many scenes to enter

Its hands free, designed for Smartphone VR Viewers and controlled simply by looking at things.

1. Use WiFi
2. Install
3. Wait for the data download to complete
4. Run the app
5. Relax you have time to insert your phone into your case
5. Look at a Photo Sphere to choose
6. Look down to exit
7. When in a Photo Sphere you can zoom by moving your ear to your right shoulder
zoom out by moving your ear to your left shoulder
8. Relax and enjoy

If you have any Smartphone VR Viewer (Cardboard or Plastic) then, you will enjoy this experience. Crank up the sound or use those headphones.
General Information, thanks and credits
The Photo Sphere community has produced some fantastic pieces of photography and until now have been limited to displaying them on flat screens. With the coming technologies from Oculus, Sony, Samsung, Altergaze and Durovis all that is set to change essentially putting you where the creating photographer was, in the center of the composition. What we are presenting many of the best examples of this work, with the creators permissions, for you to enjoy at your own pace.

If you are a Photo Sphere enthusiast and are interested in this work or would like to see your work presented in this way then please do not hesitate in getting touch. If you have any suggestions or ways to improve or enhance this app, again please get in contact.

We hope you enjoy and if you are interested in exploring the world of Photo Spheres then please check out the Photo Sphere group on Google+ and the Equirectangular Photo group on Flickr.
Credits due where credits due

Oculus – the people that rebooted VR
Durovis Dive – for their excellent SDK and kit
Google Cardboard – for bringing VR cheaply to the masses
Unity – for their excellent product
Playmaker – for their superb build environment

Google Photosphere community

Flickr equirectangular community

Sounds from

Photo Sphere creators and owners
Alexander Duret Lutz
Aubrey Huey
Bernd Kronmueller
Chichuen Wong
Chu Sir
David Rayward
Eric Fletcher
Jason Quinlan
Jonathan Koscik
Masato OHTA
New York Photospheres
Paul Gunther
Rudolf Getel
Voltshock – Marcus Walther
Wael Hazzazi

Please feel free to distribute the viewer. It is free, as seen but not to reverse engineer, build upon or copy. Use of the Photo Sphere viewer conveys no rights over the content presented. The Photo Spheres and sounds remain the work of the original creators and are all subject to the Creative Commons Licence or their individual permissions. No endorsement of the viewer is implied. . Every care has been taken on building this viewer. It uses tried and tested software packages in the unlikely event of any problems or issues caused by installing or using this software the publisher can accept no liability for any issues.

Any suggestions or issues that you feel would be worth bringing to our attention please email us alternatively hit up our face book page or twitter feed.