Find the cubes to escape

This is Pernsteiner Software first demo for the Durovis Dive, Refugio 3D or other VR Headsets for smartphones. It is an early version right now, so a lot of thing will be changed and added.

It is a virtual reality horror game where you have to find all cubes to get to the next level. The goal is to stay alive and get to the exit.

You will need a Snakebyte iDroid controller (gamepad mode) or an other bluetooth gamepad. (Only tested with the Snakebyte)

A full version of the game with additional levels and more content will probably be released in a few weeks.

Sounds are from .
3D models are either selfmade, of the Unity Asset Store or from

A: select
B: open / close doors
Y: jump

PS.: If you find bugs, feel free to write me an email or leave a comment.