Acclaimed Oculus first person horror game

Note: This app will only work on powerful handsets due to the high-quality 3D graphics. Further support information listed at the bottom. For any enquiries please contact me via the support email.

A Chair In A Room utilises the immersive power of Google Cardboard and your mobile device to create the experience of you being the protagonist of a horror film.

Stood in the centre of a windowless room you only have the unfolding clues around you to piece together the mystery of what led you to be on a chair in a room.

– Full 3D immersion
– Dramatic movie set pieces
– Dark/suspenseful soundtrack written specifically for this project
– Intense sound FX designed in unison to build up tension

A bare bulb casts a dim light around you, its flickering efforts providing the only sound in the stark room. Your seat cracks and creaks under your weight as you perch uncomfortably in its worn recess. The light from the bulb flickers again, casting you into darkness longer this time, before coming back to life…for now.

You look around the room to discover a barren state of occupation; the only sign of life is a cigarette that burns, seemingly forgotten, in an ashtray on the desk. Across the room, through the heavy mix of smoke and dust, a cone of light shows the way to the room’s only door, which sits slightly ajar.

The light flickers and struggles again, before giving out with a final snap and plunging you into darkness.

The light from the door is broken as a shadow passes. SLAM.

Now the door is shut. You can sense breathing, too close. You switch on your torch, to find only emptiness and silence. Your battery can only illuminate the scene for so long before you’ll be forced to face the dark again…

Warning: Not for those with heart conditions or underlying health concerns.

…you’re on your own

Notes and Support:

To create a more immersive experience with high quality graphics the app is designed for NEXUS 5 and up, I cannot guarantee support for lower spec devices, the below list notes handsets which have noted issues.

Problems reported on:
– Samsung Galaxy S3
– Samsung Galaxy Note
– Acer B1-A71
– Asus ZenFone 5
– Sony Xperia V
– HTC Desire

This app will only work in Google Cardboard or similar device, the screen is split and not playable without lenses. Screenshots are for indicative purposes and do not show split screen view.

Warning: Not for those with heart conditions or underlying health concerns.